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Our Promise :

Since 2014, we help companies like Garden Centres, Nurseries, DIY grow their business by engaging prospects with our e-garden design software and turning them into buyers, digitally transforming your stores and websites.

Companies can use our Software in order to offer their customers, both online or offline (directly within their stores, using tablets or digital kiosks), the possibility to use the software and choose their plants, trees, and all other items to design the garden of their dreams, by themselves or with the help of a salesperson.

Our Product :

Paysagea’s SaaS (Software as a Service) online tool helps you to digitally transform your various points of contact (stores and websites) with prospective customers into effective, powerful and meaningful sales points, significantly increasing the average sales basket, by enhancing the prospects’ experience, be it online or offline, and transforming them into loyal, returning customers.

White Label SaaS/Cloud platform :

We supply our MyGardenDesigner Software as a White Label SaaS/Cloud platform allowing our B-to-B customers the possibility to integrate our tool seamlessly within their own IT system and into the core of their operations thus facilitating their digital transformation to e-commerce online services.


Gallery of real projects done online by some of our more than 500.000 users over 10 years!

Discover how My Garden Designer improved Botanic 75 Garden Centres revenues

Documentary on our Botanic Software on French TV (2022)

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