Our achievements

Professionals, our technology interests you, we certainly have a solution adapted to your expectations: 

Distributors, garden centers, e-merchants, brands, if you want to integrate our My Garden Designer exterior design software on your site or in your store network, know that we offer it in White Label . This will enhance your products and will prove to be a real booster of your turnover for a minimal cost. Whether you want a simple in-store kiosk tool, a simulator on your website connected to the shopping cart of your e-commerce site, or an ultra-synchronized system that is linked to your stocks in the various stores in your network in order to guarantee a click and collect efficiently, we will respond to all these issues. Submit your wishes to us on the contact page  .

Discover the « white label » adaptations that we have made for our customers:

> Botanic’s « Garden plan » exterior planning tool

75 garden centres, since 2018. Tool available on website and in store

Discover Botanic’s promotional video :

Discover the Tv documentary on our Botanic software use

> « My garden by Delbard » garden planning tool

40 garden centres (part of Teract retail group), since 2019. Tool available on website and in store

Read the Delbard’s Case Study: (2 pages)